Trusted & reliable partner with professional, well experienced, skilled & dedicated team ensuring operational efficiency and standardised services with OWN BRANCH OFFICES to exceed your expectations

We provide benefits to our clients with our real in-depth local expertise and relationships thereby Saving Time, Saving Money, Reducing Cost.

We are taking care of everything to run a successful operation with our timely and well managed and tailored services.

Answering your needs is our expertise to protect your interests to the highest standards with care, expedience and value.


Our wide experience in handling speedy and safe passages through the Turkish Straits is a special strength of our company.

We provide the highest levels of service for all kind and size of vessels, promptly meeting Owner/Master requirements, report vessel position by daily updates with accurate passage prospects for smooth and seamless operation assuring all relevant parties are informed promptly regarding the planning of the ships.

We are here to ensure offering professional assistance to vessels and combine with a range of integrated services including all husbandry matters, bunker & lub oil & fresh water supplies, ships pares deliveries and more.


We take care of everything needed and provide a comprehensive range of husbandry services Extensive service available 24/7 with a single point of contact

  • Extensive service available 24/7 with a single point of contact
  • Crew Changes including letters of invitation, OKTB, Visa applications, Shore passes, Hotel and Transport bookings
  • Supply of provisions, stores, fresh water
  • Cash to Master
  • Medical assistance
  • Transit ship spares clearance and delivery
  • Supply of bunker fuels, chemicals, lubricants
  • Inspection & Survey Arrangements
  • Drone Video Recording Arrangement


After several decades of servicing of all kind of vessels, we are bringing a rich tradition of excellence and efficiency to every ship that is in Shipyard

We are professionally managed to take care of everything needed and run a successful maintenance and repair

Our trusted network look after your interests with expedience, value and attention to every detail for special survey

Service beyond of what’s expected


Protecting Agent is very valuable for shipowners, ship operators, charterers, receivers.

We know the local laws and regulations, as well as port information, restrictions, port cost levels, etc.

We are your eyes and ears to safeguard and protect your interests, watching over your port calls and vessel operations to make sure that you are protected from any indiscretions.


We are here and ready to help you to achieve your needs, providing comprehensive services.

  • Personnel Logistics technical personnel in/out attendance
  • Custom’s clearance of all equipment including storage and delivery
  • Logistic services
  • Shore based support services
  • Bunkering and lube-oil supplies
  • Full services for Crewing (Visa, Invitation, OKTB)
  • Chain of supply Coordination services required during the call
  • Coordination of Port Services
  • Transportation and Accommodation Services
  • Medical Assistance